Posted: January 13, 2008

Georgia Tech plans Special Economic Zone in India

(Nanowerk News) The world-renowned Georgia Institute of Science and Technology (Georgia Tech) has sought 250 acres of land in order to set up a special economic zone (SEZ) focusing on research and industrial collaboration apart from the offshore campus that the institute is planning on the outskirts of Hyderabad.
The institute was in talks with the state government for starting a 100-acre campus, the first outside the 400-acre sprawling institute in the heart of Atlanta in Georgia, US. "Now, however, they have expressed the intention of starting a SEZ as well apart from the campus and the government is inclined to clear the proposal," an official told TOI.
According to sources, the state government has earmarked 250 acres of land on the Srisailam Road beyond the Shamshabad international airport in Ranga Reddy district for the Georgia Tech-promoted SEZ. "The collector has passed on the report to the chief commissioner of land administration (CCLA) and once his report is obtained, the cabinet will clear the proposal," the sources said.
State government officials say Georgia Tech being among the top ten US public universities, its presence in Hyderabad in the form of the SEZ and an overseas campus will greatly boost the academic credentials of Andhra Pradesh. "Not only is it among the top ten public universities in the US, but it is also a leading research university, and its forays into nanotechnology and semi-conductors will be a boon for students here. The SEZ will be a great added incentive," the official said.
The 250 acres of land for the Georgia Tech campus and SEZ will be given at a nominal rate, sources said. "While the final figures are being worked out, the state will most likely offer the land for the university at Rs one lakh per acre," the official said, adding that raising the resources for purchasing the land should not be difficult for Georgia Tech as the SEZ is bound to attract many promoters and investors.
Georgia Tech chose Hyderabad as its location for the only campus outside of its 400-acre campus in Atlanta, Georgia, because more than 40 per cent of the students who go to study at the Atlanta campus are from this city. Apart from this, proximity to an international airport, salubrious climate and a cosmopolitan culture with lots of American eateries and other outlets also made them decide on Hyderabad, said sources.
Georgia Tech offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture, engineering, sciences, computing, management, and liberal arts.
In 2005, for the seventh consecutive year and the eighth time in the past decade, US News and World Report ranked the varsity ninth among the top public varsities in the US for undergraduates and 37th among all American universities.
Source: The Times of India (Ganesh S Lakshman)
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