Posted: January 15, 2008

IIT partners in global dialogue on tomorrow's technologies

(Nanowerk News) The Center on Nanotechnology and Society is joining a new Washington, DC-based think tank, the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies (C-PET), and the University of Ulster to sponsor a global dialogue, bringing together leading figures from government, risk management, non-profits and the academic world from both sides of the Atlantic to brainstorm our response to tomorrow's technologies, later this month in London.
The roundtable will be moderated by Nigel Cameron, Chicago-Kent research professor and director of the Center on Nanotechnology and Society. "Americans have hardly begun to think through the implications of such technologies as artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, which look like science fiction but are fast becoming science fact," Cameron says. "The next decade will set the pace for developments each one of which could prove as revolutionary as the internet, but there will be many of them and they will come faster and faster."
Cameron recently edited a guide about the social implications of nanotechnology with Institute of Psychology director M. Ellen Mitchell. "Unless we are all better informed and our leaders a lot more interested, democracy will find it hard to cope with a succession of issues that could each prove as divisive as the stem cell war," Cameron added.
Participants in the dialogue will include the director of the Global Science Forum of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) , renowned risk management guru D.K Matai, lawyer and bioethics expert Sigrid Frye-Revere from Washington's Cato Institute, and the European Commission's lead ethics adviser, Maurizio Salvi.
A report on the invitation-only meeting will be published at a later date.
Source: Illinois Institute of Technology
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