Posted: February 5, 2008

German-Australian top level talks on clean coal

(Nanowerk News) A high-level delegation from Germany’s leading energy state is visiting Queensland to discuss clean energy technology, renewable energy, and joint global responses to climate change.
Mines and Energy Minister Geoff Wilson said members of the German delegation were in Brisbane for the Queensland and North Rhine-Westphalia Symposium on clean coal technology and renewable energy.
“Some of Germany and Australia’s leading industry, government and research and development representatives will take part in the symposium,” Mr Wilson said.
Minister Wilson will meet the German delegation to discuss future collaborations across the coal and energy sectors.
In 2004, the two states signed a Memorandum of Understanding to expand collaboration in energy research and to strengthen the trade relations of their respective coal industries.
“North Rhine-Westphalia produces one-third of Germany’s electricity and is the country’s leading black coal producer. We have a lot in common and therefore we can share a lot of expertise and information,” Mr Wilson said.
The German delegation is led by Dr Volkhard Riechmann from the Department of Energy, Climate Protection and Mining who is joined by senior officials, representatives from industry, and university research centres.
“Our MoU is a success story. It’s a joint clean coal research project with the University of Queensland ( UQ ) and the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres,” Mr Wilson said.
“The Queensland Government contributed one quarter of the cost of the $4.2 million project from its Smart State Innovation Funds with matching funds coming from UQ and the North Rhine-Westphalia partners.
“UQ is exploring ways to separate hydrogen and carbon dioxide at high temperatures using nanotechnology.
“This research will be important in the areas of coal gasification, natural gas and petrochemical processes, as well as carbon capture and storage.
“We hope this visit will generate further opportunities for collaboration between the two states,” Mr Wilson said.
Source: Media Newswire
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