Posted: February 7, 2008

Nanosafe2 releases its first 'dissemination report'

(Nanowerk News) Dissemination reports from Nanosafe2 project are designed to highlight and present in a simplified way the main results obtained in the studies carried out during this project. These reports mainly deal with one question which is of general concern for whom is interested by the safe production and use of nanomaterials. The full results are summarized in corresponding Technical reports which will be released soon.
This first report is about conventional protective devices such as fibrous filter media, respirator cartridges, protective clothing and gloves and their efficiency against nanoaerosols.
Long before the final conclusions of toxicology research studies on the potential hazard of nanomaterials, it is today necessary to apply the principle of precaution by implementing among other, efficient personal protections against engineered nanoparticles. In this study, carried out in the frame of the Nanosafe2 project, different conventional individual protection devices well-qualified for micron size particles such as fibrous filters, repirator cartridges, protective clothing and gloves were tested with graphite nanoparticles ranging from 10 to 150 nm.
Main results:
  • Fibrous filters are even more efficient for nanoparticles!
  • HEPA filters, respirator cartridges and mask made with fibrous filters are even more efficient for nanoparticles.
  • Non woven fabrics seem much more efficient (air-tight materials) against nanoparticle penetration.
  • Warning: Nanoparticles may penetrate through commercially available gloves! Thus use at least 2 layers of gloves.
  • Safe production and use of nanomaterials
    Source: Nanosafe
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