Posted: February 14, 2008

Flagship project on smart nanocomposites starts at Chinese Academy of Sciences

(Nanowerk News) With the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a major research project on intelligent nanocomposites has recently kicked off in Beijing.
Led by Prof. JIANG Lei, its chief scientist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Chemistry, the project will mainly focus on the following three aspects: the signal recognition, smart regulation, driving mechanism and structural effects in life systems; new methods for preparing molecular systems capable of making smart responses and related mechanisms at the liquid/solid/and/gas interface; and principles for designing and assembling intelligent nanocomposites, their multi-scale synergy effects, their energy conversion and transport patterns, and new methods for their measurement and characterization.
With a budget of about 13 million yuan (approx. 1.8 million) for its first two-year implementation, the five-year project is slated to produce new knowledge, new know-how and new materials for the sustainable development of smart materials, and the related technology transfer. It is expected to lay a solid theoretical framework for the new research area, bring up a batch of high-level research professionals, and establish several research teams with worldwide recognition.
Source: CAS
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