Posted: February 22, 2008

Research at UAlbany NanoCollege contributes to 30+ papers at SPIE Adv. Lithography Conference

(Nanowerk News) More than 30 scientific and technical papers based on research conducted at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering ("CNSE") of the University at Albany will be presented next week at one of the world's leading conferences focused on the global nanoelectronics industry.
In all, 31 papers will be presented at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference in San Jose, CA that represent work performed at CNSE's Albany NanoTech Complex either by CNSE research teams, by the CNSE global corporate partners' research teams resident at Albany NanoTech - including IBM, AMD, International SEMATECH, ASML, Tokyo Electron and Applied Materials - or by joint CNSE and partners' research teams resident at Albany NanoTech.
The papers cover a range of topics and outline innovative research in lithography, which is seen as critical to the manufacturing of future nanoelectronics devices. Included among the technical areas in which new developments are reported are extreme ultraviolet ("EUV") systems, resists and masks; immersion lithography materials and processes; and, optical microlithography.
Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of CNSE, said, "The presentation of more than 30 scientific and technical papers at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference based on research performed at CNSE's Albany NanoTech Complex further demonstrates the world-class intellectual know-how and unmatched technical capabilities at the UAlbany NanoCollege. The recognized excellence of this truly unique resource for high-tech education, research, development and commercialization is a tribute to the vision, support and investment of New York's elected officials, which have created a pioneering educational paradigm at CNSE and accelerated technology development among the world's leading nanoelectronics companies."
Dr. James G. Ryan, Associate Vice President of Technology and Professor of Nanoscience at CNSE, said, "The scientific and technical papers generated at CNSE's Albany NanoTech by the NanoCollege and our global corporate partners underscore the power of collaboration between academia and industry in fostering innovation. We are confident that the developments reported at SPIE will play an important role in the effort to accelerate the introduction of extreme ultraviolet lithography into manufacturing."
The SPIE conference, being held February 24-29, attracts thousands of attendees and is considered the semiconductor lithography industry's most important technical event.
About CNSE
The UAlbany CNSE is the first college in the world dedicated to research, development, education, and deployment in the emerging disciplines of nanoscience, nanoengineering, nanobioscience, and nanoeconomics. In May 2007, it was ranked as the world's number one college for nanotechnology and microtechnology in the Annual College Ranking by Small Times magazine. CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex is the most advanced research enterprise of its kind at any university in the world: a $4.2 billion, 450,000-square-foot complex that attracts corporate partners from around the world and offers students a one-of-a-kind academic experience. The UAlbany NanoCollege houses the only fully-integrated, 300mm wafer, computer chip pilot prototyping and demonstration line within 65,000 square feet of Class 1 capable cleanrooms. More than 2,000 scientists, researchers, engineers, students, and faculty work on site at CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex, from companies including IBM, AMD, SEMATECH, Toshiba, ASML, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, Vistec Lithography and Freescale. An expansion currently underway will increase the size of CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex to over 800,000 square feet, including over 80,000 square feet of Class 1 capable cleanroom space, to house over 2,500 scientists, researchers, engineers, students, and faculty by mid-2009. For more information, visit
Source: CNSE
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