Posted: February 25, 2008

Nanotechnology: yay or nay?

(Nanowerk News) The LA Times will run a daily piece in its opinion section this week discussing nanotechnology. All week, Aatish Salvi and George Kimbrell debate the promises, ethical concerns and applications of nanotechnology.
Today, Salvi and Kimbrell open their discussion by defining the scope of nanotechnology. Later in the week, they'll address ethical concerns surrounding nanotechnology, government regulation and more.
Today's story is titled "A global technology race the U.S. must win", a basic introduction and explanation what nanotechnology is. It concludes with this statement:
The 21st Century Research and Development Act expires this year, and we have not been in a technology race this close since the Apollo project. Given what is at stake and the degree to which the U.S. relies on innovation to fuel its economy, nanotechnology is a global competition that America can ill-afford not to win.
What is it with Americans and seeing everything as a race they have to win...?
Source: Los Angeles Times
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