Posted: February 25, 2008

Mannequins discover nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) German mannequin manufacturer EuroDisplay is borrowing the nanotechnology applications used for motor vehicle paint finishes to make mannequins with durable surfaces and long-lasting skin tones. Called NanoFinish, the new product was unveiled at EuroShop this week.
A EuroDisplay spokesman said “The mannequins are a lot easier to clean and are less susceptible to scratches caused by tools or jewellery. Nano-coated mannequins have proven to be resistant to every day hectic decoration procedures, even when handled by inexperienced employees.”
EuroDisplay’s new sealing technology can be used on almost all display mannequin series without affecting the surface. Thanks to nanotechnology, the mannequins have become less sensitive to scratches and dirt.
nano mannequin
Window display mannequins have a limited life, firstly because eventually they start looking dated, secondly because the surface starts looking worn and old. EuroDisplay’s specialists in Rinteln have found a solution to the latter problem: they have developed the Nano Finish surface that keeps the mannequins looking new for longer.
Nanotechnology is well-established in the automotive industry where it is used to great effect for improved paintwork protection. Nanotechnology is also used effectively in the outdoor merchandise and clothing sectors, with the result that liquids simply pearl and run off materials leaving no marks. Nanotechnology can bring the same practical benefits to mannequins. They become dirt-resistant, easier to clean and less sensitive to scratches caused by jewellery or tools.
Experts in the sector confirm that mannequins demonstrate impressive durability during window dressing, even when handled roughly by less skilled staff. They are also UV-resistant.
The new sealing technology can be used on almost all mannequin series without affecting the realistic skin-like appearance of the mannequins’ surface. EuroDisplay has been manufacturing and distributing window display mannequins world-wide for 20 years.
Source: EuroDisplay
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