Posted: February 26, 2008

A major research project on bionanotechnology starts at Chinese Academy of Sciences

(Nanowerk News) Funded by the National Basic Research Program, a research project on the in-situ real-time nano-testing and characterization of single biomolecules and cells has recently been launched at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Chemistry.
Headed by Prof. FANG Xiaohong, the project is targeted at cells of tumors and heart muscles with an objective of developing nan-obiology and nano-medicine.
With a budget of about 13 million yuan for its first two-year implementation, the five-year project is expected to provide scientific grounds for early diagnosis of some major diseases at the cellular level and offer a technical guarantee for promoting the high-speed and burgeoning development of nano-biology and nano-medicine in China.
Source: CAS
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