Posted: February 29, 2008

China's top 10 events in basic research in 2007

(Nanowerk News) Under the joint auspices of the Ministry of Sciences & Technology (MOST) and China Association for Science & Technology, more than 1,600 Chinese scholars including CAS and CAE members, chief scientists of the National Basic Research Program (dubbed 973 Program) and directors of national key labs, have voted for China's top 10 events basic research in 2007.
Among 197 candidate items, 11 were selected this year, among which "Successful launch of Chang'e-1 and collection of clear images of lunar surface¡" comes out first place.
China's top 10 news stories about advances of basic research in the past year include:
1. Successful launch of Chang'e-1 moon probe and collection of clear images of lunar surface;
2. Experimental breakthrough in multi-photon entanglement and optical quantum computation;
3. Research advancement in exploring the fracturing mechanism of amorphous materials;
4. Discovery of fossil embryos in rocks predating earliest yet animal records;
5. A new 24-faced platinum nanocrystal catalyst developed;
6. A six-nucleotide insertion-deletion polymorphism in the CASP8 promoter approved to be associated with susceptibility of several cancers;
7. The role of dopamine-mushroom body circuit in regulating saliency-based decision-making of fruit fly revealed;
8. Signaling protein β-arrestin 1 uncovered as an important force in regulating the level of CD4+ T cells;
9. Giant panda found to still possess high genetic diversity and evolution potentials; and,
10-A. Negative birefraction of acoustic waves are successfully triggered in sonic crystal;
10-B. The dissolved inorganic carbon in the global water cycle identified as a potential important CO2 sink.
As the last two have got an equal vote, they are claimed to rank tenth concurrently. ZHANG Xian'en, Director General of Basic Research Department of MOST, says these advances have confirmed China's sustainable innovation capability and further shortened the gap in S&T innovation with the developed countries.
Source: CAS
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