Posted: March 4, 2008

Quatar Foundation to hold symposium on nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) Qatar Foundation will organize an international symposium on applied nanomedicine in an effort to acquaint the local community with the utility of this futuristic medical science from March 9 to 10 at the Doha Sheraton Hotel.
The symposium will feature 20 international experts who will share their experience and knowledge on the applications of nanotechnology and its potential implications on the wellbeing of society.
Qatar Foundation's mission of developing the human potential, particularly the young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow has gained visibility at the regional level if not at the global stage. And this has a lot to do with modeling success stories and learning to apply them to Qatar.
The same idea applies to developing the mindsets and culture of research and scientific developments among different segments of society including students, young researchers, engineers, business and technology professionals.
Meanwhile, Qatar Foundation's Distinguished Lecture Series will organize a talk by Nobel laureate Professor Richard Schrock, MIT, USA, on Sunday March 9. On his discoveries and the secrets of winning his Nobel Prize.
Qatar Foundation hopes that young Qataris will follow the lead of Professor Richard Schrock and that Qatar can produce a Nobel Prize winner in the future.
Source: The Penninsula
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