Posted: March 10, 2008

Workshop on research on the safety of nanomaterials: reviewing the knowledge gaps

(Nanowerk News) The main objectives of this workshop, to be held in Brussels, Belgium on April 17-18, 2008, are:
  • To increase interactions between researchers in order to enhance networking, sharing of outcomes of the research projects and boosting synergies between research groups across Europe and abroad.
  • To improve communication of the results of research to risk assessment bodies and other interested parties, providing with sound science-based data that may be use for elaborating opinions and scientific advice to policy makers.
  • To examine the current knowledge in the area to review, if need be, the priorities in safety of nanomaterials' research.
  • Together with researchers involved in FP projects, there will be also invited representatives of different risk assessment and risk management related bodies as well as policy makers from Commission services and from other governments, international bodies and industry.
    The participation is free but limited due to logistic constrains and will be on a first come first served basis. Should you be interested, please, pencil these days in your agenda and confirm your availability as soon as possible to [email protected] .
    Download the workshop agenda (pdf, 72 KB).
    Source: Cordis
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