Posted: March 31, 2008

Cambridge Network welcomes new Founder Members

(Nanowerk News) Four new companies have joined the ranks of Cambridge Network Founder Members – the exclusive category of membership that helps to shape and support the organisation.
Cambridge Consultants, Nokia Research, Philips Research UK and Trinamo have recently joined the Network’s Founder Member group, which now numbers 28. They enjoy special benefits, including the right to elect or put forward candidates for board seats*, the right to create and manage ‘special interest groups’, seats at Founder Member and Cambridge Corporate Gateway dinners and special recognition on the Cambridge Network website.
Says Dr Peter Hewkin, Cambridge Network’s CEO: ‘The Founder Members of the Cambridge Network help shape the long-term strategy of the organisation, contributing ideas, initiatives and feedback, for which we are most grateful. Their commitment and willingness to “share for success” has an important impact on the future of the Cambridge Phenomenon.’
‘2008 marks an exciting year for Philips Research UK. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation and research. Ensuring we maintain this position drives our need to provide our talented scientists and technology experts with the best possible environment. We believe Cambridge offers this – an ecosystem where our work can really flourish,’ said Terry Doyle, senior vice president, Philips Research.
Tapani Ryhänen, head of Nokia's Cambridge UK Laboratory, added: "Our recently published mobile device concept Morph received huge visibility in the press and, for example, over 2 million views in Youtube. This concept, based on our joint research projects with the University of Cambridge, combines the vision of nanotechnologies with a future transformable, transparent mobile device. ‘We believe that the Cambridge innovative environment provides us the opportunity to bring the results of cutting edge science to Nokia's very human technology.’
The mission of the Cambridge Network is to link like-minded people from business and academia to each other and to global peers for the benefit of the Cambridge region. For further information about the Cambridge Network and its membership, visit
*Cambridge Network’s board of directors comprises a representative of each of the five Founders, plus up to six directors elected by the General Members (one), and Founder Members (up to five). Its President is Professor Alison Richard, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University.
For further information, please contact Dr Peter Hewkin, CEO, Cambridge Network; [email protected]; Tel: 01223 422362
Source: Cambridgge Network
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