Posted: April 3, 2008

Second Polish national conference on nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The 2nd National Conference on Nanotechnology 'NANO 2008' will be held from June 25 to June 28, 2008 in Kraków at the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University.
The Conference is organized by the Research Centre for Nanometer-scale Science and Advanced Materials, NANOSAM, of the Jagiellonian University in conjunction with the 5th National Workshop on Applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy – STM/AFM 2008, the 3rd School on Vacuum Techniques, the International Meeting of Maria Curie Fellows – Participants of 6th FP ToK Project on Nanoengineering for Expertise and Development ( NEED) and the School on Scanning Probe Microscopy.
The meetings are intended to provide a national forum for exchange of information and expertise, as well as for presentation of recent R&D results in rapidly developing and interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology. Like at the first meeting, the main goal of the 2008 event is to gather together researchers, scholars and industry engineers who are, or who would like to be involved in basic and applied research activities, education, technology developments and commercial applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Based on experience of the past events we expect that over 400 participants will participate in NANO 2008.
The Organizers of the 2nd National Conference on Nanotechnology would like to invite interested companies to the international exhibition of research instruments, vacuum equipment, nanomaterials, relevant technologies and commercial products accompanying the meeting. The market of nanotechnology equipment users and consumers of nanomaterials in Poland is growing very fast. We can assure you that NANO 2008 in Kraków offers to your Company a unique opportunity to meet your current and/or future customers from all over Poland on single spot in time and space.
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