Posted: April 18, 2008

Symposium highlights leading-edge health issues nanotechnology and genetic surveillance among topics featured at AAOHN 2008

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology and genetic surveillance and are some of the many healthcare topics that will be featured at the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses’ (AAOHN) 2008 Symposium and Expo April 25 through May 1 in Salt Lake City.
Rapid advances in genetic testing have brought about benefits in determining one’s healthcare choices, but there are major ethical issues regarding genetic screening in the workplace. As genetic surveillance becomes increasingly common, those working in the occupational and environmental health field are becoming concerned, especially when it comes to protecting the confidentiality of their clients’ medical history. Linda A. McCauley, PhD, RN, will address this and other issues in, "Genetic Surveillance and Screening of Workers: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications." She will speak to the changes in genetic testing over the last decade as well as the implications of a genetic surveillance society.
Dr. McCauley will also present “Nanotechnology is Coming: What you Need to Know.” Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing science used in many consumer products, with enormous potential benefits, but there is an increasing awareness of the need to discover and minimize any associated human health risks. The session will provide an update on the development of the science, information on its wide use in consumer products, and current uses in healthcare, communication, ecological cleanup, and other industries.
Other topics being discussed that have widespread impact and implications include pandemic preparedness, MRSA (superbug) infections and the aging of the workforce.
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Source: American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc.
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