Posted: April 23, 2008

Pre-registration open for Leonardo 40th Anniversary conference

(Nanowerk News) The Leonardo community, some 10,000 strong, consists of artists and other cultural professionals who are deeply involved in contemporary science and technology together with researchers who are building the new cultural context for techno-science. These New Leonardos are a larger creative community than fueled the Renaissance. Their work addresses a number of burning issues facing our society and our planet over the coming decades.
This conference, the final in a series of Leonardo 40th Anniversary events, will bring together scientists and artists, elder practitioners and younger creators, scholars and administrators from around the world. Thematically, the conference is centered on the convergence of art, science and technology, and will celebrate the achievements of the Leonardo Organization and Leonardo Publications [MIT Press] as well as design the important questions that will shape and impact the future over the next 40 years. The event will showcase some of the most compelling work of the New Leonardos. It will provide a framework to debate the burning issues that face the arts, humanities and the sciences and technology in a world of declining science literacy, limited resources, anthropogenic environmental change, and enduring inequalities and social injustice.
The Leonardo 40th Anniversary celebrations began with a kick off conference MUTAMORPHOSIS: Art and Science in Extreme and Hostile Environments held in November 2007 in Prague. A one-day Symposium will be held on June 3, 2008 at the University of California, Berkeley. The New Mexico conference will be the culminating event bringing together the Leonardo community with interested organizations and corporations.
The conference will be hosted and co-organized by the ARTS Lab at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and Leonardo/ISAST.
Call for papers and pay registration will launch later in 2008. To be kept up to date, please visit the conference website and sign up on the mailing list.
For more information, please contact

Roger Malina

International Conference Chair

Chairman of the Board


[email protected]

Claudia X. Valdes

New Mexico Conference Chair

Associate Director, ARTS Lab

University of New Mexico

[email protected]

Source: University of New Mexico
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