Posted: April 24, 2008

Program now available for: Nanotechnology - Towards Reducing Animal Testing

(Nanowerk News) Program and abstracts are now available for the May 28-29, 2008 conference Nanotechnology - Towards Reducing Animal Testing in London, UK:
Animal testing is costly and there is a great deal of research on finding viable and effective alternatives (new methods that refine existing tests by minimizing animal distress, reducing animal usage, or replacing whole animal tests). Despite large reductions in animal testing since the early 1980s due to improved in vitro methods, levels remain high (over 3 million procedures in 2006) and results cannot always be extrapolated to humans.
The application of nanotechnology is currently revolutionizing medicine and this two-day conference, the first of its kind in Europe, will examine the role nanotechnology could also play in improving or refining the development of alternatives to animal testing whilst maintaining safety.
Themes will include:
  • a review of some of the most promising human cell-based in vitro models
  • novel lab-on-a-chip and bioreactor systems for screening, toxicology and targeting studies
  • surface modification at the nanoscale to improve biosensors and in vitro test systems
  • potential new strategies for applying nanotechnology to alternatives
  • the role of the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM)
  • The conference will be of particular interest to those involved in:
  • pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic development and testing
  • environmental and food testing
  • regulation
  • organizations interested in the development of animal alternatives.
  • Conference speakers include:
    Dr Sandra Coecke, (IHCP-ECVAM, Italy); Dr Fanqin Frank Chen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA); Dr Antonio Garcia (Arizona State University, USA); Dr Béatrice Schaack (CEA Grenoble, France); Dr Andy Bennett (FRAME, UK); Dr Peter Ertl, (Austrian Research Centers (ARC) GmbH).
    Please contact [email protected] for details of promotional opportunities or submission of abstracts.
    Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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