Posted: June 8, 2006

Nanowerk publishes premier edition of nanoRISk newsletter

(Nanowerk News) Nanowerk today launched nanoRISK, a bimonthly print newsletter. Designed as “a constructive contribution to the responsible development and use of engineered nanoparticles,” nanoRISK is a must-read source for nanoprofessionals and nanonovices alike who want to stay informed about fundamental research and the latest developments on nanoparticles risk and safety issues.
"This newsletter is not about stopping nanotechnology or scaring people," says Michael Berger, nanoRISK editor. "It is about providing a wealth of nanotechnology information, compiled in one comprehensive, easy-to-read newsletter, on scientific research, regulatory updates and informed opinion about the risks posed by engineered nanoparticles and what is being done about them."
nanoRISK supports the debate on a very real and immediate issue – the fact that engineered nanoparticles are already finding their way from laboratories into commercial products and yet nobody really knows the effects they could have on living beings and the environment. Current toxicological and eco-toxicological risk assessment methodologies are not suited to the potential hazards associated with engineered nanoparticles.
"Unfortunately there are no definitive answers yet; but with our inside knowledge and experience we will contribute to the discussion by objectively and rationally informing readers about what research is being done; what results are reported; what regulatory bodies decide; what experts have to say," says Berger.
The premiere, eight-page issue of nanoRISK features nanotechnology information and articles such as: "Nanotechnology risks – the real issues"; "Toxicology of carbon nanomaterials"; "Voluntary reporting scheme in the UK" and "Germany’s dialogue about risk." Additional items include "Lessons from Asbestos?"; "What is so special about carbon nanomaterials?" and briefs on upcoming events and new books.
Source: Nanowerk
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