Posted: June 23, 2006

First quantum dot display manufactured

(Nanowerk News) QD Vision, Inc. announced it has manufactured the world's first quantum dot display ("QD Display"). The company said the monochrome display demonstrates the manufacturability and commercial feasibility of quantum dot technology as a foundation for the next generation of displays.
The 32-by-64-pixel, red, monochrome QD Display is the size of a cell-phone screen and approximately one-sixteenth of an inch thick. Its simple device architecture features a layer of quantum dot material sandwiched between two semiconductor regions. The light emission originates from the quantum dots - tiny (approximately 5 nanometer) inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals, which are synthesized by chemists at QD Vision's advanced QD Display prototyping facility.
"Production of our first QD Display is an important step toward our goal of developing a commercial manufacturing process for quantum dot displays. We are focused on enabling efficient production of the highest-quality displays by continuing to improve on our proprietary materials, developing easily implemented display fabrication techniques, and selecting the right mix of strategic partners." said John Ritter, QD Vision's Executive Vice President of Product Development and Operations.
QD Displays are positioned to be the optimal technological mix of high performance, reliability, and manufacturability. Because of a quantum dot's unique physical properties, QD Displays have the potential to deliver a superior visual and user experience over liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) by producing brighter, richer and more accurate colors while consuming less power. QD Displays are intrinsically more reliable and manufacturable than new display technologies based on organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) because they are based on stable, inorganic, solution-based materials.
Source: QD Vision