Posted: June 12, 2008

NanoQuebec appoints a President and Chief Executive Officer

(Nanowerk News) NanoQuébec has taken a new step in its organizational development by naming its first President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Jean Bourbonnais, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announces the appointment of Dr. Robert Crawhall to the position effective July 2.
For the past seven years, Dr. Crawhall has served as President and CEO of the National Capital Institute of Telecommunications (NCIT), an organization devoted to collaborative research between the private sector, universities and federal laboratories. Dr. Crawhall has managed telecommunications and e-commerce programs leading to the commercialization of research, the founding of companies and the launch of several innovative products by SMEs and large firms. For nearly 15 years he also held positions at Bell-Northern Research and Nortel, including Director of Advanced Technology Strategic Planning and Director of Disruptive Network Technologies, with responsibility for research in universities around the world. He holds degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from McGill University and the University of Ottawa. “I am deeply honored to become the first President and CEO of an organization known across Canada and around the world for its initiative and strategy,” said Dr. Crawhall.
Mr. Bourbonnais also confirms the departure of Mr. Sylvain Cofsky, NanoQuébec’s current Director General, who has been in office since January 2007. Mr. Cofsky, whose involvement with NanoQuébec began in October 2003, has decided to take on new challenges with the Canadian Space Agency. Mr. Bourbonnais remarked: “Mr. Cofsky’s departure creates a challenge for NanoQuébec, but we respect his decision and extend our deepest thanks to Sylvain for his major contributions over the last five years. All of NanoQuébec’s current programs and partnerships bear his imprint.”
Under Mr. Cofsky’s leadership, NanoQuébec adopted an effective business plan focused on Quebec’s economic priorities. The plan made it possible for NanoQuébec to obtain major triennial funding of $11 million from the Quebec government. In the last year alone, Mr. Cofsky’s efforts have led to the launch of five research competitions or support programs for major nanotechnology research facilities. The organization also signed international agreements, including one with the NBCI (Japan), the world’s largest nanotechnology industry association.
“I want to thank the members of the Board and all of NanoQuébec’s partners for their confidence. A number of structurally significant activities were undertaken this year, but there remains much work to do before Quebec nanotechnology can claim significant shares of world markets. When I took on the position of Director General, I knew that building a nanotechnology development strategy was not a job for one man, but would require a commitment from every player in Quebec’s nanotechnology sector. I can now say, with a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, that the entire nanotechnology community joins me in wishing great success to Dr. Crawhall,” said Sylvain Cofsky.
About NanoQuébec
NanoQuébec is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen innovation in nanotechnology in order to ensure solid and sustained economic growth for Quebec and Canada. Its principal funding partners are MDEIE (Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation) and Canada Economic Development.
Source: NanoQuébec
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