Posted: June 12, 2008

Two new RSC Publishing titles to provide unique forums for interdisciplinary science

(Nanowerk News) RSC Publishing has today announced two new journals for 2009: Integrative Biology and Metallomics. Authors will welcome these titles as they fill the interdisciplinary gaps in the worldwide scientific publishing community.
Integrative Biology: Quantitative biosciences from nano to macro will provide a unique venue for research that leads to a greater understanding of biological processes and mechanisms.
Highly interdisciplinary, it will focus on quantitative multi-scale biology using enabling technologies and tools to exploit the convergence of biology with physics, chemistry, engineering, imaging and informatics. The Editorial Board Chair is Distinguished Scientist Mina J. Bissell from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US.
Integrative Biology Scientific Editor, Dr Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff from New York University School of Medicine, said 'We believe that the integration of technology and quantitation will drive future biological paradigms.'
Metallomics: Integrated biometal science will cover the research fields related to metals in biological systems, and is expected to be the core publication for the emerging metallomics community.
Metallomics is receiving great attention as a new frontier in the investigation of trace elements in biology and is expected to develop as an interdisciplinary science complementary to genomics and proteomics. Joseph A. Caruso of University of Cincinnati/Agilent Technologies Metallomics Centre of the Americas will Chair the Editorial Board.
According to Spiros Pergantis of the University of Crete, Greece, 'We have a lot to learn from looking into the areas of metabolomics and proteomics; metallomics will be a complementary area, an essential part of the puzzle that will be required at some point, so we have to be ready.'
From launch, the latest issue of both Integrative Biology and Metallomics will be freely available online to all readers. Free institutional access to previous issues throughout 2009 and 2010 will be available following a simple registration process, using a model that has proved extremely popular for the latest RSC title to launch: Energy and Environmental Science. The first Advance Articles for this journal have just been published online, an event eagerly awaited by the community that has welcomed the new journal so enthusiastically.
Source: Royal Society of Chemistry
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