Posted: June 19, 2008

Skyscraper with nanotechnology skin

(Nanowerk News) CNN today carries a story about product designer Agustin Otegui's project aimed to trigger new approaches into greener and more energy efficient structures.
His futuristic concept is called the Nano Vent-Skin (NVS) and the design –to wrap buildings in an organic lattice skin made up of micro wind turbines – is radical.
One concept Otegui developed is a skyscraper to show how Nano Vent-Skin can be used on new designs and concepts.
nano vent-skin skyscraper
NVS Building. (Image: Agustin Otegui)
Otegui told CNN: "Instead of trying to build these huge turbines which are always getting bigger and bigger, I thought, why not do something on a small scale and use it on existing objects and buildings. I wanted to try to cover them like a crawling plants you see on facades."
Armed with the desire to create something 100 percent organic, Otegui set about researching the possibilities of nanotechnology. "I found out about nanotubes and then I came across some MIT research into nano-manufacturing," he explained to CNN.
That's how he developed his idea of the nanomanufactured Nano Vent-skin, which tries to make existing objects greener with a skin made out of micro wind turbines.
Otegui maintains a blog called Nano Vent-Skin where you can read more about his ideas. The CNN article can be found here.
Source: CNN; Nano Vent-Skin
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