'India set for nanotechnology revolution'
Posted: July 11, 2008

'India set for nanotechnology revolution'

(Nanowerk News) India is all set for a nanotechnology revolution, which would dramatically improve the standard of life of the people and find solutions to major problems in health, agriculture and water management, according to an internationally well known researcher in the field.
"Nanotechnology revolution will be more effective than the Information Technology and Bio-technology boom. Only a few nations in the world are striving for efficient use of nanotechnology and India is in a promising position among them," Katesh Katti, head of the Radiology Department, Missouri University at Colombia, USA, said.
Katti was here to attend a two-day international colloquium on "NANO-Technology - Gateway to a promising future", organised by the SDM College of Engineering and Technology yesterday.
He said the Union technology ministry has also realised the significance of nanotechnology and decided to spend Rs 1,000 crore for research in this field in the next five years.
Outlining the various uses of nanotechnology, he said nano particles of silver can destroy bacteria and the technology can make the environment bacteria-free. Its applications range from clearing of toilets to treatment of bacteria-borne diseases. It can also kill all bacteria in water, enabling supply of pure water to the people, he said.
Medical science would also derive huge benefits from use of nanotechnology as detection and treatment of serious diseases like AIDS and cancer would be easier.
With increasing importance of power generation through non-conventional energy sources, nanotechnology would be of great help as it could considerably increase the capacity of photovoltaic cells - to generate electricity by solar power, Katti added.
Source: The Hindu
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