Posted: July 28, 2008

NanoKTN launches HiPerNano focus group

(Nanowerk News) The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), the UK’s primary knowledge-based network for Micro and Nanotechnologies, has launched the HiPerNano Sector Focus Group. This new venture will raise awareness and promote developments in nanomaterials for the high performance engineering industry. Members of the HiPerNano group have the opportunity to discuss materials challenges and developments with end-users and industry professionals.
Nanomaterials are beginning to have a major commercial impact and the NanoKTN is building a UK community where aerospace, defence, security, power generation and automotive industries can discuss the benefits of nanomaterials for components which are subjected to extreme environments such as high temperature, friction, corrosion, erosion and ballistic impact.
At the recent launch of the HiPerNano group, an audience of over 130 engineers, scientists and intermediaries met to hear how the new generation of high performance nano-enhanced materials, can solve problems caused by extreme environments. Dr Martin Kemp, Theme Manager at NanoKTN, explains how HiPerNano is vital for the dissemination of information: “Our aim is to enable the high performance engineering industry to realise the commercial potential and advantages of introducing nanomaterials that were, until just a few years ago, laboratory curiosities.”
He continued: “To get nanomaterials into the market place we need to create new kinds of supply chains and these have to be generated by market pull, hence the decision to create the HiPerNano Sector Focus Group whereby end-users can pose their commercial challenges and hear the latest success stories from their peers.”
The industry-driven steering group of HiPerNano had their inaugural meeting last month, hosted by Airbus UK in Filton. Ambitious targets were set for developing a strategy and action plan and the key objective was identified as stimulating the supply chain in the UK. The steering group initiated a survey to identify the hotspots of materials challenges which could be addressed by nanoenhanced materials. This reflects the unique approach of HiPerNano; market led initiatives which address real world problems.
Since nano-enhancement could be realised at any point of the supply chain, all sectors of the supply chain are encouraged to join up, from raw materials suppliers, materials converters, component manufacturers, OEMs and end users. Membership to the NanoKTN and for HiPerNano is free of charge. For more information about how to join, please visit the website. Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.
Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.
About Nanotechnology KTN
The Nanotechnology KTN facilitates the transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and research, offering companies dealing in small-scale technology access to information on new processes, patents and funding as well as keeping up-to-date with industry regulation. The four broad areas that the KTN focuses on are: Promoting and facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting the growth of UK capabilities, raising awareness of Nanotechnology, and providing thought leadership and input to UK policy and strategy.
About Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs)
KTNs ( have been set up by government, industry and academia to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and the science base. They bring together diverse organisations and provide activities and initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of innovation in these communities.
The first KTNs were set up in 2005 and the network continues to grow. They are active in sectors, technologies and market-based areas and they interact strongly with the government?s Technology Programme and overall technology strategy.
About CPI
The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) was established by One NorthEast as a UK wide resource to stimulate and drive innovation within the Process Industry. Working with global industry partners and leading research universities CPI is committed to delivering world-class, groundbreaking applied research and development.
About The Technology Strategy Board
The Technology Strategy Board ( is a business-led executive non-departmental public body, established by the government. Its role is to promote and support research into, and development and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve the quality of life.
Source: Nanotechnology KTN
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