Posted: September 30, 2008

Military interest in nanotechnology discussed at nano conference

(Nanowerk News) Military interest in nanotechnology has long been know and understood, but for scientists who have hoped for interest in C60, the Army's call for fullerenes is a welcome surprise. Before his death nearly three years ago, Rick Smalley, lamented to reporters that "we still haven't found a use for Bucky-Ball (C60)." Smalley led the team back in 1985 that discovered the Buckminster Fullerene, as C60 it is formally known, and shared the Nobel Prize for it.
Dr. Jacob Stanley of the U.S. Army R&D will explain military needs at nanotxUSA'08 this Thursday, October 2, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas convention hotel during International Nanotechnology Week.
Stanley will cover Nano Aluminum with goals to characterize physical/chemical interactions between engineered nanomaterials and environmental media. Also to establish computational approach for predicting relevant characteristics (persistence, fate, toxicology) and developements to replace/enhance existing explosives, coatings and industrial abrasives, polishing of optics and jewelry, and drug delivery.
Stanley's abstract lists five primary areas to support the Army and the Corps:
Warfighter Support - geospatial information; system development; operational support; force protection; and force projection and sustainment
Installations - transformation; operations; and environmental issues
Environment - remediation and restoration; land planning, stewardship and management; threatened and endangered species; and cultural resources
Water Resources - infrastructure, water resources, environmental issues, and navigation; and flood control and storm damage reduction
Information Technology - informatics; geospatial technologies; computational services; high performance computing applications
More about Dr. Stanley and his presentation can be found at:
About nanoTX USA’08
Conference/Trade Expo with Global Partner nano tech Japan, highlights advances in nanoscience, explains how nanotechnology is being used today and how it will impact a broad range of industries tomorrow, including: electronics, energy, aerospace, defense, biomedicine, robotics, chemicals and more. nanotxUSA has established a reputation for delivering solid content, compelling panel discussions, early-stage investment opportunities and a world-class roster of presenters. The signature Nobel Laureate Legends cocktail hour, dedicated to the memory of Jack Kilby, Rick Smalley, and Alan MacDiarmid, continues this year in its fine networking tradition.
Source: nanoTX USA’08
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