Posted: September 30, 2008

Nanotechnology 'Safety for Success' dialog

(Nanowerk News) Under the auspices of the French EU Presidency, the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission is organizing the 2nd Annual Nanotechnology "Safety for Success" Dialogue Workshop on Thursday, 2nd and Friday, 3rd October 2008. The event will be hosted at the Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe, Place Jourdan 1, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.
The 2nd Annual Nanotechnology “Safety for Success” Dialogue Workshop will bring together scientists, risk assessors, public authorities, industry, and consumer and environmental NGOs to examine and discuss the scientific state-of-the-art, regulation, international developments, risk governance, communication, and to identify appropriate means to strengthen guidance in support of the safe, integrated, and responsible development of nanotechnologies. The language of the meeting will be English.
The benefits offered by nanotechnologies are awakening public interest. Concomitantly to the public starting to enjoy these benefits, NGOs and trade unions are voicing their concerns about the safety of these new applications. By undertaking a review of how the EU legislation covers nanotechnologies, publishing it, and confirming that "current legislation covers to a large extent risks in relation to nanomaterials and that risks can be dealt with under the current legislative framework" (COM(2008)366, p. 3), the Commission has made a significant first step towards addressing these concerns, in support, not only of safety but also, of transparency and trust.
European institutions, national authorities in the EU Member States and elsewhere, industry, distributors, researchers, consumer representatives as well as international organizations share the responsibility of making sure that nanotechnologies develop in a safe, integrated and responsible way.
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Source: European Commission
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