Posted: October 14, 2008

International textile conference will address nanofibers and nanocomposites

(Nanowerk News) The ninth International Conference on Textile Composites (TEXCOMP9) is being held at UD's Clayton Hall Conference Center from Oct. 13-15. Hosted by the Center for Composite Materials (CCM), the conference includes industry booths, poster sessions and research presentations. CCM Associate Director Suresh Advani and Director Jack Gillespie are co-chairing the meeting.
TEXCOMP has an international audience, attracting leading researchers in composite materials from throughout the world. This year's meeting is the ninth in the series, which began in 1992 in Leuven, Belgium. Since then, the conference venue has rotated among locations in Europe, Asia and North America.
Session topics include mechanical design and modeling, advanced manufacturing processes, net-shape 3D textile preforms, nano-fibers and composites, elastic and failure behavior, process simulation and control, textile modeling, and industrial applications and case studies.
Source: University of Delaware
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