Posted: October 15, 2008

Knowledge Foundation announces final program for nanoKAP 2008

(Nanowerk News) The Knowledge Foundation announced the final Program for the nanoKAP 2008 conference which will be held in Phoenix, AZ on November 12, 2008.
nanoKAP is a special one-day symposium devoted to utilizing nanotechnology for detection of toxins and pathogens and is conveniently timed with the 13th Detection Technologies conference. nanoKAP will help bridge the gap between developers of various nanotechnologies and those already active in the important field of chemical & biological threat detection, diagnostics, and identification.
The list of confirmed speakers includes:
  • Michael D. Berg, PhD, Attometrix, Inc.
  • Hugh Bruck, PhD, University of Maryland
  • Michelle Cadieux, MBA, HM FRO, CNCP, Nanergy (NASA)/ Community Safety Programs
  • Dalibor Hodko, PhD, Nanogen, Inc.
  • Arnold Kell, PhD, National Research Council of Canada
  • Yuehe Lin, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Yan Liu, PhD, Arizona State University
  • Oliver Lung, PhD, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Clark Tibbetts, PhD, Tessarae, LLC
  • NJ Tao, PhD, Arizona State University
  • About the Knowledge Foundation
    The Knowledge Foundation integrates scientific ingenuity and real-world applications by fostering collaborative research at the rapidly changing intersection of science and business. Known for providing members of its Technology Commercialization Alliance with direct and unbiased state-of-the-art scientific information, the Knowledge Foundation is uniquely qualified to provide wider exposure for important developments in the emerging fields of alternative energy, nanotechnology, and chemical/biological detection technologies.
    Source: NIST
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