Posted: October 22, 2008

Bio meets nano and IT

(Nanowerk News) The Bio Meets Nano and IT conference in Oulu, Finland from December 9-11, 2008, brings together companies, organisations and research groups with the purpose of enhancing international and interdisciplinary business collaboration in the fields of life sciences, micro- and nanotechnology and information technology. The three-day conference will be organized now for the fifth time. The conference program consists of seminars, exhibitions, company visits and partnering events.
Conference aim and target
Bio Meets Nano and IT conference aims to increase cross-technology interaction and business between life sciences, nanotechnology and IT. The conference is targeted to companies as well as to academic and clinical research groups internationally to develop understanding of present and emerging customer needs, market trends and new offerings. Also regional and governmental development and invest in organisations are obvious groups that have interest in this vigorously developing field. The conference gives an excellent opportunity to gain the latest news both in research and business. The program also provides great networking and partnering possibilities internationally.
The conference program consists of seminars, exhibitions, partnering events and company visits. The seminar program reflects synergies between the different fields of biosciences, micro- and nanotechnology and information technology. Internationally acknowledged speakers bring their latest news and views to the audience. The program consists of lectures in topics such as:
  • Biomolecular Recognition
  • Services for Drug discovery and Development
  • Efficient Production of Biomolecules
  • ICT boost for Life Sciences
  • eHealth
  • Wellness
  • Potato North - Plant Biotech
  • Business and Market News
  • Excursions
    In addition to the high-class lectures in these specific fields the conference also provides a possibility for guided visits in the local companies and research facilities in the field of technology, drug discovery & development, plant biotech and wellness.
    As a pre-conference event a Nanomedicine seminar in Helsinki is available for the registered participants as well as a visit to Viikki Science Campus in Helsinki. The Viikki visit includes guided tour and presentations about plant biotechnology, with specific focus on seed potato at the University of Helsinki and MTT Agrifood Research Center of Finland.
    Source: Konffa
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