Win a microscopy accessory kit for nanotechnology research
Posted: November 13, 2008

Win a microscopy accessory kit for nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) To celebrate the launch of its Upgrades and Accessories online catalogue, FEI Company has announced a new initiative to award a series of accessory kits designed to stimulate new scientific investigation, covering three major themes in nanotechnology. Dedicated kits will be awarded to the writers of the best proposals for applications in the physical/chemical/materials sciences for each of the following areas:
3D NanoCharacterization
tomo Award: TEM Tomography Kit, allowing you to obtain 3D volume information on a TEM sample to discover, for example, distribution of particles and phases. Complete 3D tomography solution consisting of software, hardware and a tomography holder, all required for the process of 3D visualization - from acquisition and alignment to 3D reconstruction.
3D NanoPrototyping
Enhanced Imaging and Patterning Solution Award: Nanopatterning Kit containing the latest software and hardware required to write complex structures with your DualBeam™. The kit allows for full prototyping by using GDSII CAD file format (common in electron beam lithography - EBL), without requiring the traditional lithography packages, along with a 16-bit digital patterning engine to create more complex 3D shapes and structures on small and large writing fields.
In situ NanoProcesses
In situ NanoProcesses Award: STEM-in-ESEM Kit containing the hardware needed for in situ wetSTEM applications within your ESEM. The kit allows for characterization of wet/moist specimens enabling observation of the size, shape and arrangements of nanoparticles in their natural suspended state, without any sample preparation.
The proposals will be judged on creativity, scientific merit and applicability to real-world challenges in the physical and materials sciences. Entry is easy: simply provide a one page outline of the research you would carry out with your chosen kit.
Source: FEI
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