Posted: November 17, 2008

Nanotechnology exhibit in a shopping center part of UAlbany's NANOvember

(Nanowerk News) Taking a novel approach to educating the public about the fast-growing field of nanotechnology, the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering ("CNSE") of the University at Albany and Colonie Center today unveiled what is believed to be the first nanotechnology exhibit to be located in a shopping center anywhere in the world.
Launched as part of CNSE's community and educational outreach initiative known as NANOvember, the display incorporates nanotechnology-enabled consumer products, including an Xbox, iPod Touch, clothing and cosmetics, with high-tech items from CNSE's world-class Albany NanoTech Complex, such as silicon wafers, computer chips and biochips, and solar and fuel cells. The exhibit demonstrates the link between nanoscale technologies and real-world applications, as well as the growing global leadership of the UAlbany NanoCollege in nanotechnology education, research, development and deployment.
The exhibit will be located through March of 2009 at Colonie Center - a 1.3-million-square-foot shopping center that sees more than 12 million visitors annually - giving the public a unique opportunity to learn about nanotechnology, described by the National Nanotechnology Initiative as "leading to the next Industrial Revolution," as it enables innovations in fields ranging from health care, energy and the environment to military, aerospace, telecommunications and information technology, among many others.
Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of CNSE, said, "The UAlbany NanoCollege is delighted to unveil this first-of-its-kind exhibit in collaboration with Colonie Center, which has been a proactive and welcoming partner in sharing the exciting and fast-growing world of nanotechnology with the community. This is a great opportunity to showcase the power of nanotechnology to address the most important challenges facing society in the 21st century, as well as the global leadership of CNSE and New York State, through the vision and investment of Governor Paterson and Assembly Speaker Silver, in developing a nanotechnology sector that is attracting high-tech jobs, companies and investment throughout New York."
Joseph Millett, General Manager of Colonie Center, said, "Colonie Center is proud to partner with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to display the first nanotechnology exhibit at a shopping center anywhere in the world. It is exciting to know that all of these amazing innovations are being enabled by education, research and development at the NanoCollege, which is a great source of community pride for the Capital Region and New York State."
Anita Blackford, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Feldman Mall Properties, said, "Feldman Mall Properties is pleased to congratulate Colonie Center and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering as they unveil the world's first nanotechnology exhibit to be located in a shopping mall. This display, which is unique in the global shopping center industry, puts the exciting world of nanotechnology on display at Colonie Center, giving students and families the opportunity to learn firsthand about nanotechnology and the educational and technological capabilities of CNSE, which are positioning Albany and New York State as global leaders in the most important scientific field of the 21st Century."
Nanotechnology exhibition case 1 Nanotechnology exhibition case 1
Two of the display cases from the exhibition
Jeffrey Stone, President, Capital Region, KeyBank N.A., said, "This unique exhibit provides a wonderful window into the exciting world of nanotechnology and its growing impact on our regional economy, led by the significant new investment and high-paying jobs being attracted by the UAlbany NanoCollege. I urge members of the community to visit Colonie Center to see the display, part of the NEXSTEP initiative that is designed to demonstrate how nanotechnology is changing the face of the Capital Region."
Kerry Orlyk, Executive Director of the Schenectady Museum and Suits-Bueche Planetarium, said, "We are delighted to support the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's unique efforts to share their work involving nanoscience and technology with the public. At the Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, we share the College's passion for encouraging a love of learning, especially learning that involves science and math."
Jahseim Dobbs, a senior at Albany High School who is participating in the CNSE-AHS NanoHigh program, said, "Through the NanoHigh program, I've become interested in pursing the nanobiomedical field to help improve health care in the future. Many people my age have not had the chance to understand, as I do, what nanotechnology has to offer and the great career opportunities it presents. This display will give other young people and the whole community a chance to learn more about nanotechnology and the impact it is having on our world."
NANOvember is presented as part of "NEXSTEP," or "Nanotechnology Explorations for Science, Training and Education Promotion," a partnership between CNSE and KeyBank that features educational initiatives to promote greater understanding of the changing economic and business environment in the Capital Region and New York State being driven by nanotechnology.
The schedule of events during NANOvember also includes CNSE's Community Day; hosting of a national conference on the convergence of nanobioscience and medicine; educational programs such as "NanoCareer Day" for students and "Nano 101" for teachers; a series of community lectures highlighting CNSE's pioneering education, cutting-edge research and significant economic impact; and, an open house for prospective graduate students.
Source: CNSE
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