Posted: December 10, 2008

Biolink USA-Ireland launches new site to meet the demand for Irish scientific networking

(Nanowerk News) Biolink USA-Ireland, the Transatlantic Network for Science and Technology, launched a brand new member-focused, interactive website this month. The site,, is designed to provide an information portal for the network and enhance communication between members located in Ireland and across the USA.
Since 2003, Biolink has fostered important transatlantic connections between prominent scientists from academia and industry. From biotech hubs across the US, the organization provides a dynamic forum for members to interact, exchange ideas, and network for partnering and collaborative purposes. Since it's inception US members have played mentoring and advisory roles, and a number currently serve on company boards for Irish companies. The valuable introductions have resulted in VC funding, business development, recruitment and increased sales for the indigenous Irish company sector.
Biolink Chairman John Monahan says: "Networking is a very important component of modern day academic and business life. The web provides a very efficient and effective medium to do this"
"Our members want to connect both virtually and in person," said Kate Gunning, Vice Chair and Regional Director of Biolink West. "Our new site removes the geographic barriers and enables members to connect, share ideas and collaborate. Some of our members meet regularly at quarterly events, but not everyone can take the time to attend, or can easily travel to an event. We expect that the new site will further boost the exchange of critical information by providing a valuable "virtual" forum as well."
The new site combined with a newly formed Linked In Group, aims to reach a wider number of Irish and Irish-American members.
The organization, formed in 2003, has 6 chapters, consolidated into 3 geographical areas: Biolink East, West and the South. Members are typically located in academic and technology hubs that include the Tri-State Area, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Houston and San Diego.
John Monahan added: "There's a growing number of both Irish and Irish American scientists in the US. Some of us emigrated when science jobs were few and far between in Ireland. With the emergence of Ireland as a leading knowledge economy, we anticipate that the knowledge and experience shared between Biolink members will help elevate the Irish Scientific industry to be a key player in the global markets. The Irish scientific community in the US is keen to help make that happen sooner and have considerable expertise to share with Ireland"
About Biolink USA-Ireland
Biolink USA-Ireland was established in 2003 to connect and network Irish Life-scientists in the US with Ireland. The network has since expanded to include scientists, engineers and technologists engaged in Nanotechnology and Clean technology. Membership is open to all who support the aims of the organization

1. To Support biotech, nanotech and cleantech businesses in Ireland.

2. Encourage connections between the scientific communities in the US and in Ireland.

3. Provide a forum for members to share and exchange information and ideas

Source: Biolink
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