Posted: February 22, 2009

Sexy meets nanotechnology in instantly drying swimwear

(Nanowerk News) A long awaited advancement in swimwear, Sun Dry Technologies, a division of Solestrom International, has launched a line of swimwear that dries itself instantly. Sun Dry Swim™ features quick dry nanotechnology enhanced swimwear fabric that sheds water as naturally as skin. Water beads off Sun Dry water repellent swimwear, after wearing the suits are simply shaken to dry.
Amy Hardin, Sun Dry Technologies explains the technology as "Optimal technical performance paired with ultimate comfort. Sun Dry Swim fabrics are treated using our proprietary methods with a nanotechnology process that is inert, UV stable, and completely harmless to skin. Our non-toxic nanotechnology treatment is water based and environmentally friendly."
The Sun Dry Swim™ process develops an invisible mesh film on the surface around each fabric fiber. Nanoparticles bond directly to the swimsuit fabric molecules and assemble into a nanoscopic membrane, providing a permanent water-repelling – or hydrophobic – surface without interfering with the fabric weave. the hydrophobic effect creates an easy to clean, breathable protected surface with water resistant properties – water cannot adhere to teh material and the fibers cannot soak up liquid, while the fabric still looks and performs as normal.
Features of Sun Dry Swim™
  • Breathable 4 way stretch fabric
  • Fast dry material
  • Liquids pearl and easily roll off
  • Long lasting surface protection
  • Additional Features of Sun Dry Swim™ Sport
  • Extreme Chlorine Resistance
  • Colorfast in sun, chlorine, sand
  • Water resistance not affected by UV Rays
  • Sun Dry Swim™ and Sun Dry Swim™ Sport bathing suits are available in a selection of men's, ladies and children's fashion, sports and aqua fitness swimming suits. Sizes range from 0-22 for ladies, S -2XL for men, and Children's from 4-16. More styles and colors will be available in the fall through
    Sun Dry Technologies was formed in 2005 to fill a niche of providing accessible nanotechnology textile products to consumers. The company offer a wide range of technologically advanced textiles, such as canvas awnings and signs, performance garment fabrics, and vehicle and watercraft textiles. The Sun Dry Swim™ product line can be viewed at
    Source: Sun Dry Technologies
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