Posted: February 23, 2009

Lockheed Martin Seeks Partners in Developing Nanotechnology and Cleantech Solutions

(Nanowerk News) TechConnect World, in association with the Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI), and the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI), today announced that Lockheed Martin will hold a Special Innovation Symposia at TechConnect World in Houston, Texas, May 3-7, 2009.
The Symposia is designed to identify joint Research & Development, licensing and partnering opportunities with applied research, intellectual property and early-stage companies who are working in the following areas:
  • Carbon Nanotubes - focusing on CNT technologies, such as chirality specific growth and separation techniques; and multi-scale interface characterization & modeling of composites.
  • High-Efficiency PV Conversion - focusing on nano-enabled, high efficiency PV conversion; flexible surfaces, clean manufacturing, and novel technologies.
  • Smart Grid - Modeling & Monitoring - looking to identify the next generation of modeling, monitoring and management technologies and tools for smart grid deployment.
  • Energy Storage - identifying next generation storage technologies for applications including; utility & grid integration, space and harsh environment, expanded capacity, small scale power, distributed power, portable electronic system power, large scale & grid applications.
  • Companies, universities, and research labs that are interested in working with Lockheed Martin in these areas, should submit an abstract at:
    The deadline to submit an abstract is March 6th. Organizations selected to participate in the symposia will receive a speaking slot; each will have the opportunity to participate in the roundtable discussion; and each will receive a full registration waiver for the conference.
    "TechConnect World is successful because it's an effective, face-to-face venue for introducing large corporations to the research communities and young companies that are best suited to address their needs," said Matt Laudon, President of CTSI. "Through the Lockheed Martin Special Innovation Symposia, we're taking our proven TechConnect model and applying it specifically to Lockheed Martin's needs. Any technology transfer office, research lab or early-stage company that wants to work with Lockheed Martin to provide solutions in the four areas we've identified, should contact us immediately."
    Lockheed Martin, in addition to hosting the Special Innovation Symposia at TechConnect World, is also a platinum sponsor of the Clean Technology '09 and Nanotech '09 events taking place at the show. Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Ray O. Johnson, will deliver a keynote address on May 4th at 9:00 AM, and Lockheed Martin executives will be on hand throughout the entire expo, in booth # 1001, where they will be showcasing their latest clean technology and nanotechnology solutions.
    Other companies interesting in discussing a dedicated "TechConnect-oriented Symposia" should contact Jennifer Rocha at [email protected] Members of the media interested in press passes to attend the Lockheed Martin Symposia, or any part of the TechConnect Summit, Nanotech '09 or Clean Technology '09 events, should contact Todd Keefe at [email protected]
    Source: NSTI, CTSI
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