Posted: February 27, 2009

Nanotools in food processing, packaging and safety

(Nanowerk News) Lund University in Sweden is organizing a three-day conference on "Nanotools in Food Processing, Packaging and Safety" on September 29 - October 1, 2009.
Nanotechnology has a growing and a potentially very big importance for the food industry and food packaging industries. Scientists at the Lund University are the world leading when it comes to manufacture of nanostructures and the analysing on nanoscale. A broad and a practically oriented course has therefore been put forward to meet the needs from industries to gain knowledge and understanding about current research going on in this expansive field. The course deals with the current and coming applications of nanotechnology in the food industry and risks with nanoparticles. The aim is to provide enough knowledge about nanotechnology in order to go on with own ideas for new products and processes.
The aim of the course is to provide participants with a broad knowledge about nanotools for fabrication and analysis that are currently being used or that could be used in foods and food packaging in the near future. Participants will also gain knowledge about present, coming and future applications of nanostructures. The aim is also that the participants should get oriented and gain enough knowledge to explore further this exciting field and to go ahead with own ideas about new products and processes.
The course teachers are researchers from departments of Food Technology, Physical Chemistry and Applied Biochemistry from Lund University and the Nanometer Structure Consortium, the Swedish centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology that was formed 20 years ago. Besides scientists from Lund University experts from STFI-Packforsk and Unilever Research in Holland will lecture at the course. STFI-Packforsk is one of the world’s leading R&D companies in the field of pulp, paper, packaging and logistics.
Source: Lund University
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