Posted: March 27, 2009

Carbon materials for catalysis

(Nanowerk News) This is the first comprehensive book covering all aspects of the use of carbonaceous materials in heterogeneous catalysis. It covers the preparation and characterization of carbon supports and carbon-supported catalysts; carbon surface chemistry in catalysis; the description of catalytic, photo-catalytic, or electro-catalytic reactions, including the development of new carbon materials such as carbon xerogels, aerogels, or carbon nanotubes; and new carbon-based materials in catalytic or adsorption processes. This is a premier reference for carbon, inorganic, and physical chemists, materials scientists and engineers, chemical engineers, and others.
From the Back Cover
Setting the foundation for new advances in heterogeneous catalysis.
The use of carbon materials in heterogeneous catalysis offers many potential benefits, including unparalleled flexibility in tailoring catalyst properties to meet specific needs. This book promotes technological advances in the field by establishing the state of the art, identifying areas where more research is needed, and advocating for more systematic approaches. Readers gain a better understanding of the chemistry of carbon surfaces, helping them design new catalysts. Moreover, they gain new insights into improving quality control and production methods in order to produce high-performance materials.
With contributions by a team of leading experts from industry and academia, the book pulls together and explains the significance of the most recent research findings. Each of the fifteen chapters has been carefully edited to ensure a consistent and thorough approach throughout. Among the key topics covered are:
  • Preparation and characterization of carbon supports and carbon-supported catalysts
  • The role of carbon surface chemistry in catalysis, including molecular simulations
  • Catalytic, photocatalytic, and electrocatalytic reactions
  • Carbon materials as supports for fuel cell electrocatalysts
  • The development of new carbon materials, such as carbon xerogels, aerogels, and carbon nanotubes
  • Carbon-supported catalysts for the chemical industry
  • References at the end of each chapter guide readers to the primary literature, where they can explore each topic in greater depth. This unique book brings researchers fully up to date with the latest advances, supporting their efforts to develop new carbon materials and fully exploit their potential in catalysis.
    Source: Wiley
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