Posted: March 31, 2009

First Saudi company launched to make nanomembranes

(Nanowerk News) Prince Bader Bin Saud, Chairman of the Saudi Nanotechnology Company, announced on Monday the launch of the first Saudi company specializing in the manufacture of nanomembranes.
"The new company came into being after more than three years of intensive consultations and negotiations with international companies which are leaders in the field and after reaching an agreement for the establishment of a strategic partnership with global partners, investors and nanotechnology specialists," said Prince Bader.
"The technique, which relies on the separation of materials into very small parts, can be of great benefit to industries, such as, desalination, water treatment, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, and agro-industrial," he added.
According to Prince Bader, the establishment of such a company in the Kingdom provides a real opportunity to keep pace with the nations of the world in the use of nanotechnology rather than to be forced to rely upon the use of scientific research centers located abroad.
"The Kingdom is first in the world in the production of desalinated seawater, and we must be the first in terms of the operational requirements associated with the use of nanotechnology in the water sector, especially since the current cost of production of desalinated water is very high and there is an increase in the volume of consumption," said Prince Bader.
The company will provide services in nanomembrane technology, in addition to several other scientific techniques which can be utilized in the fields of chemical and mechanical engineering.
"The company will provide opportunities for research centers in the Kingdom to develop scientific techniques which can be utilized by a variety of industries," said Al-Sharifa Zahra Idrees Bin Ali, a company researcher and member of the scientific team.
"The company's headquarters will be located in Jeddah, and we are currently studying several locations for offices in different regions of the Kingdom," said Dr. Ahmad Sanad Yousuf, a company consultant.
Source: (Diana Al-Jassem)
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