Synthetic biology project takes flight

(Nanowerk News) The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, has awarded over £240,000 to a consortium including two Edinburgh-based companies - Synpromics Ltd and Genabler Ltd - and the University of edinburgh.
The grant will fund a collaborative project that will seek to use synthetic biology - the design and construction of biological devices and systems - to more effectively create proteins, such as those used in drug manufacture.
The project, which will begin in May 2013, could help increase production yields in fields such as the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.
Drug advances
The University has a long history of developing groundbreaking new treatments.
In the early 1980s, Professor Ken Murray developed the first genetically engineered vaccine against Hepatitis B, saving countless lives across the world.
Joseph Lister, the father of antisepsis, was Professor of Clinical Surgery at the University. While at Edinburgh, he developed methods to reduce infection in patients.
Source: University of Edinburgh