GolfSense - revolutionary swing analysis

(Nanowerk News) At some point early in golf history, a fun-seeking caveman tried to hit a small rock into a distant hole with a stick. Was he concerned about the tempo and path of his swing, or the precise speed of his club, broken down by the millisecond? Probably not. But being a caveman, he didn't have an iOS device and the GolfSense app and sensor.
The system consists of a lightweight (0.6 ounces) pod that looks like a travel-size mouse and attaches to the strap of your golf glove. Inside are four motion trackers: a gyroscope, a compass and two accelerometers—one for high speeds, the other for low. They beam data to your iOS device via Bluetooth, so the GolfSense app can extrapolate minute details about your movement. It'll draw the 3-D trajectory of your club head, so you can adjust your swing plane accordingly. It'll tell you how fast your back swing was compared with your down swing, so you can get your tempo just so. And if you keep your iOS device in your pocket, it'll use Apple's built-in motion trackers to tell you how much your hips are rotating. (The feature, still in beta, works better if you're wearing tight pants with shallow pockets, so that your device stays firmly against your body; accuracy decreases if you're rocking the MC Hammer look on the fairway.)
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Source: GolfSense