Ion Air Pro - A new generation of wearable hi-def cameras for action sports

(Nanowerk News) The sports shooter is designed to be strapped to a helmet or extreme-sports gear to document your extreme adventures in high definition.
The Ion Air Pro (which is the basis of all three of Ion's new sports camera packages) uses a bullet camera design with a metal tube chassis. The camera is waterproof (up to 30 meters) and features a waterproof microphone that allows it to keep recording even when submerged.
Along the top side you'll find a power button that doubles as a still-photo shutter release and a recording slider. Slide the recording slider forward to start video capture and slide it back to stop. All inputs (power on/off, still snap, and video start/stop) are signaled with haptic feedback from the Ion Air Pro's internal vibration motor.
Source: Ion