Star Wars holiday lights

(Nanowerk News) You've found this year's theme! We always admired folks who were able to do thematic holiday trees. Most of our families have the Everything Tree that has ornaments we made in Kindergarten on it. (Hey Mom, that was like 30 years ago, can we maybe retire those?) Of course, the nostalgic ornaments can still find their homes on a theme tree amidst the droids and aliens and bounty hunters, oh my!
Yoda holiday light
These holiday light strings will be the stars of the show for your Intergalactic Holiday Tree. Each strand of lights is 11.5 feet long and features 10 injection molded plastic lights in the shape of either Yoda or R2-D2. Mix them in with your regular holiday lights and of course, all your favorite space-related ornaments. And don't forget to leave some Wamparoon cookies for Santa Yoda and a carrot for his tauntaun.
Source: ThinkGeek