Down the slopes with a space app in your pocket

(Nanowerk News) Track your skiing, speed, altitude, slopes and lift kilometres with a nifty phone app from an ESA business incubation start-up. Compete against friends, win prizes and even donate to a children’s charity.
This is what German start-up company MapCase GmbH is offering with their MAPtoSNOW free app for mobile phones.
The company was supported by ESA Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt, Germany, to develop their application, based on satnav.
Available at over 190 ski resorts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria and Italy, the company has teamed up with local partners to offer vouchers for free drinks at huts, discounts in sports shops and other local reductions by collecting ‘Pins’ while skiing down the slopes.
Compete against friends and other MAPtoSNOW users – more Pins mean more points, higher ranking, vouchers and the possibility of winning brand new winter sports gear or a ski trip to America.
“Start the MAPtoSNOW tracker, put your phone in your jacket and enjoy the ride,” says inventor Bastian Kneissl about his new app. “It’s easy, helps you on the slopes and adds fun to the skiing.
“Our system runs automatically on smartphones’ satnav functions. Distance, speed, location – all are tracked on local maps.
“Our business model is based on local retailers and restaurants paying us to distribute their vouchers offered to our users who collect our Pins. For example, ride 10 000 vertical metres to collect that Pin.”
In every ski resort there are new Pins to discover – hundreds of them in total, plus some hidden ones.
“Finding and collecting them all is the challenge. Some are bundled with cool prizes like discounts and surprises by our partners,” adds Bastian.
“Our second source of income is that ski resorts pay to receive their own localised and branded app based on MAPtoSNOW. And, so far, nine resorts have done so.”
MapCase has also teamed up with the Right To Play international humanitarian organisation which uses sport and play to help underprivileged children.
MAPtoSNOW users have the opportunity to compete against Jamaican ski-newcomer Michael Williams, with donations going to the organisation.
Source: European Space Agency