Sweet and beautiful: 3D printed sugar sculptures

(Nanowerk News) The Sugar Lab is a micro-design firm for custom 3D printed sugar. With their background in architecture and their penchant for complex geometry, the husband and wife architectural design team Liz and Kyle von Hasslen are bringing 3D printing technology to the genre of mega-cool cakes.
3D-Printed sugar sculpture
3D-Printed sugar sculpture. (all images © The Sugar Lab)
3D printing represents a paradigm shift for confections, transforming sugar into a dimensional, structural medium. It makes it possible to design, digitally model and print an utterly original sugar sculpture on top of a cake. All of the team's projects are custom.
3D-Printed sugar sculpture
"The Sugar Lab started when we were graduate students," they write on their website. "We wanted to make our friend chelsea a birthday cake, but we didn't have an oven, so we decided to try to 3D print a cake instead. After a period of trial and error that lasted well beyond her actual birthday, we managed to print chelsea a tiny cupcake topper that spelled her name in cursive sugar. She loved it! We thought other people might like 3D printed sugar, too, so when we graduated, we started The Sugar Lab officially, in our studio in Silver Lake."
3D-Printed sugar sculpture
Source: The Sugar Lab
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