Partially 3D-printed 3D printer for larger objects (w/video)

(Nanowerk News) The gMax is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and offers designers 16” x 16” x 9” of build volume, with a price tag between $1,095 and $1,295.
With a 16" x 16" x 9" (2,304 cubic inch) build volume, the gMax 3D Printer is among the top when it comes to build volume capabilities. The gMax will provide you the option to print larger, print smaller, or print something in between. If you want to print one long continuous print, you now have the opportunity (rather than having to break the pieces up into smaller prints). Size also doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of quality since the printer is also capable of printing even small parts in amazing details down to 75 micron layer height.
Also, the 16’’ square acrylic bed does not require heat if you’re using PLA. There is no additional cooling, curing or additional steps needed – once the print is finished, it easily pops off of the acrylic and is ready to go. Another great feature I’m really excited about is that I’ve recently added an LCD screen and SD card reader so now I can print even without a computer.
gMax 3D printer
This entire printer is designed for easy future modifications and customizations, not just the extruder. All of the colored parts are 3D printed so you can easily prove the usefulness to your friends/family/colleagues by showing them that the printer was made with parts made on another printer. Future upgrades can be accomplished by the end user by simply printing new or customized parts. 3D printed parts mean we can print on demand while avoiding the lengthy manufacturing process associated with other printers.
Source: gMax, Kickstarter