Additive Manufacturing - updated EU Strategic Research Agenda now online

(Nanowerk News) This Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) update has been produced by the AM Sub-Platform as an update to the previous strategy documents produced. It also aims to highlight the priority areas for future development in and across the Additive Manufacturing (AM) landscape.
Strategic Research Agenda cover
Manufacturing has been highlighted by the European Union (EU) as one of the key enablers to tackling some of the European challenges and their subsequent targets, in particularly for growth and creating high quality value-adding jobs. The Horizon 2020 Framework Programme is taking action to support and promote business research and innovation in enabling technologies. One of the priority actions will cover advanced manufacturing and processes (Domain 1 of the Factories of the Future Multi-annual Roadmap (EFFRA, 27 November 2012)).

MANUFUTURE launched the European 'Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) in 2009 with the objective to encourage pre-competitive research on production technologies within the European Research Area. This was to be achieved through engagement with the ‘Factories of the Future’ (FoF) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the EU (Bessey, 15 May 2012).

FoF has developed a roadmap for 'Factories of the Future 2020' (EFFRA, 27 November 2012). This roadmap highlights AM as a ‘key advanced manufacturing process’ and one where a broad range of benefits can be realised, including its potential for supporting environmental sustainability for manufacturing.
Definition and Process Terminology
AM processes can be categorised by the type of material used, the deposition technique or by the way the material is fused or solidified. Process terminology is being defined by the ASTM F42 committee. The processes have been categorised into seven areas as follows:
  • – Vat Photopolymerisation
  • – Material Jetting
  • – Binder Jetting
  • – Material Extrusion
  • – Powder Bed Fusion
  • – Sheet Lamination
  • – Directed Energy Deposition
  • Source: Orange Maker