CleanTech Map of the world launched- highlights Israeli technologies

(Nanowerk News) Israel NewTech is launching an exciting new tool to showcase Israeli companies’ projects in the cleantech arena throughout the world – the CleanTech Map. This Facebook application allows visitors to view Israeli cleantech projects and installations anywhere in the world. Visitors simply go into the map, and search by either category and subcategory (for example – water- desalination) or by browsing the map. Visitors may then read about each project, view photos or clips, and contact the company.
CleanTech Map
“We’re very excited about this new application,” says Adi Yefet-Beeri, who is responsible for the water sector at Israel NewTech. “Our objective is to open doors for Israeli companies around the world, and to inform about Israeli technology innovations, and this is a perfect vehicle for doing so. We believe it will be a strong marketing tool that all Israeli cleantech companies – from water, to alternative energy, agriculture and environment – can benefit from and use to advance themselves internationally.”
“Israel is already known as an innovation leader in water and renewable energy,” says Ophir Gore, who is responsible for renewable energy at Israel NewTech. “We are showing that, beyond technology breakthroughs, Israel’s water and alternative energy industries are mature. There are hundreds of installations, functioning projects by both young and mature companies, providing cleantech services around the world.”
Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, summarizes, “Israel’s cleantech industry is experiencing a tremendous momentum. When the Israel NewTech program began its activity in 2006 Israel’s exports in the water sector totaled $600 Million, in 2011 they already reached $2 Billion. Our program is dedicated to continuing to provide maximum international exposure to Israel’s cleantech companies, and this Cleantech Map is another important tool in our efforts.”
Some of Israel’s largest companies, along with innovative start-ups already have projects on the map, including: Amiad, Tahal, Chromagen, Diffusaire, Emefcy, Solaris Energy, Power Sines, Mapal, and Takadu. The projects span the world from Australia, India, Nepal, Mongolia in the East, to the U.S. Brazil, Mexico, Equador in the Americas, as well as Europe and of course Israel.
Source: Israel NewTech