Sopcawind, a tool for optimising wind parks

(Nanowerk News) The European Sopcawind (Software for the Optimal Place Calculation for Wind-farms) project, in which a team of researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is taking part, has designed the Sopcawind Tool web application. This brings together the information and functions required for designing the optimum configuration for wind parks. It has been created, moreover, to function with any web device. The first demonstration of the tool will be presented on the 14 of June in Luxembourg, coinciding with the first anniversary of the project.
When designing wind parks, a number of factors have to be taken into account, such as the estimates for wind force in a specific area and the availability of energy supply networks and infrastructure, as well as environmental factors, the end goal being to minimise the impact caused in the chosen area. This is why Sopcawind has designed a tool that enables optimising information about wind parks based on a map of restrictions obtained from sources of heterogenous data, hosted in a geo-referenced database, and on an optimization algorithm.

Worked on in this first year of life of the project, was the definition and implementation of the various modules making up this database, called The Sopcawind Data Pool, which brings together the information required for designing a wind park. Over this year, multiple sources of information have been employed, both public and private, and which have provided a great deal and variety of data about winds, geography, infrastructure, telecommunications, the environment, the terrain and strategic land planning.

This project aims to reduce the time necessary to undertake the viability studies required in the process of the construction of a wind park. Moreover, thanks to this information, the data can be used in a multitude of different spheres. The first product of the Sopcawind project to see the light of day will be the sources of the processed data, available for sale on-line in various formats from the Sopcawind website.
Source: Basque Research
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