A new software platform for improving energy efficiency through modeling of the energy market stakeholders

(Nanowerk News) The CASSANDRA consortium today announced the successful completion of the CASSANDRA project launched 33 months ago, under the 7th Framework programme and the ICT systems for Energy Efficiency subprogramme area, to enable consumers and energy stakeholders to maximize their benefits in the electricity energy markets.
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The main outcome of the project, widely available in the project website, is a platform for the realistic modeling of the energy market stakeholders, involving small-scale consumers. CASSANDRA provides users with the ability to test and benchmark working scenarios that can affect system operation and company/environmental policies at different levels of abstraction, starting from a basic level (single consumer) and shifting up to large consumer areas (i.e. a city).
For assessing the functionality, effectiveness and impact of CASSANDRA a set of specific measurements and evaluation activities were conducted during the lifetime of the project. In particular, to validate the effectiveness and potential impact of the platform two pilot cases (in Italy and Sweden) were implemented using real life data. Based on the results from the Feedback and Demand Response interventions that were implemented it was evident that CASSANDRA can have a significant impact on environment by reducing the energy-related environmental pressure, which relates to energy production and consumption. An important financial impact was also recorded given that through CASSANDRA the pilot participants managed to decrease their energy consumption and thus their electricity bills.
The results of the two pilots proved to be a success for the project encouraging the consortium to make this highly innovative software solution available to the public in order to enable stakeholders to dynamically maximize their benefits in the energy markets.
Source: Cordis
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