Greener Nano 2012: Nanoinformatics tools and resources workshop

(Nanowerk News) The goals of the Nanoinformatics Tools and Resources workshop at Greener Nano 2012 are to establish a better understanding of current applications and clearly define immediate and projected informatics infrastructure needs for the nanotechnology community. We will use the theme of nanoEHS to provide real-world, concrete examples on how informatics can be utilized to advance our knowledge and guide nanoscience. Anticipated outcomes of the workshop will include: i) description of a community-based ideal data lifecycle, ii) nanomaterial description requirements for effective data modeling, and iii) a logical framework for integration of nanoinformatics tools and resources.
Workshop Preparation
Two preliminary webinars will be hosted to ensure a productive workshop. It is expected that workshop participants will review materials provided in Webinar Part I and will take part in Webinar Part II.
Webinar Part I – available July 9th at noon EDT Pre-recorded overviews of current nanoinformatics tools and resources.
Webinar Part II – on July 25 from noon-2:00pm EDT Interactive webinar for questions/comments/feedback on tools and resources as well as discussion of breakout session topics.
Post comments and questions prior to the webinar:!forum/greener-nano-2012-nanoinformatics-ws
Breakout Session Topics: Data Lifecycle to Support a Sustainable Cyber-Toolbox, Use of Nanoinformatics for Predictive Modeling, and Nanoinformatics Integration
Accomodations: Hotel reservations should be made no later than July 15th. Let the representative know that you are part of the ‘Nano Conference’.
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