Image contest: Explore the unseen

(Nanowerk News) FEI has partnered with National Geographic on a giant-screen film tentatively titled "Invisible Worlds". At the same time, they have announced this year's FEI Image Contest, "Explore the Unseen".
Inspired by the upcoming film, the FEI Image Contest offers owners and users an opportunity to explore their creativity and share their images with National Geographic's worldwide audience.
Together, the film and photo contest will allow audiences to discover unseen aspects of their everyday lives. As scientists and researchers, exploring the sub-microscopic world is something we do every day. Now you have an opportunity to share these explorations with the world at large.
science images
Some images from the 2011 contest
Image Categories
This year, image categories with broad audience appeal have been chosen. The following examples, while not an exhaustive list, provide an idea of what the jurors are looking for:
The Natural World
  • Insect parts - wings, eyes, etc. (ideal insects include moth, ladybug, fly, dragonfly, butterfly, cicada, cricket, etc.)
  • Spider silk / webs
  • Pollen, allergens, leaves, tree slime, fungus, bacteria & mold
  • Micro-invertebrates seen in water-quality testing
  • Plants, flowers, blades of grass
  • Rock, minerals, sand, etc.
  • Ice/snow/snowflakes, other crystals, raindrops
  • Close-up of animals or animal parts: dog, cat, bird, fish (pets a kid would own)
  • The Human Body
  • Insects that live on your body (eyebrows, lashes, etc.) lice, bacteria
  • Body parts: bone (including fractures/breaks), human hair, skin flakes
  • Bodily fluids: snot, sweat, blood, saliva, tears, etc
  • Hands (finger, skin) before and after washing
  • Viruses
  • Endoplasmic reticulum, cell walls, etc
  • What a tattoo looks like under the skin
  • Around the House
  • Things you would find in a kids room: t-shirt fibers, stuff on the soles of dirty shoes, dust mites, carpet fibers, hair inside of a baseball cap, sloughed skin, dust, pencil lead, crayons
  • Food: ice cream, candy, bread, french fries, apples, carrots, tomatoes, etc.
  • Creatures that live on the mouthpiece of a phone, in the kitchen sink
  • Tires, cars, bikes, toys
  • Lint from clothing
  • The inside workings of a clock, computer, smartphone or TV
  • Gems and jewels: rubies, diamonds, other gems
  • Sports equipment: baseball, basketball, soccer ball, bathing suit, etc.
  • Other Relevant Science
    Do your best images not fit into the categories above? Are you interested in sharing what you?re working on today? Whether you are investigating advanced materials, working to understand complex chemical reactions, or researching the 3D architecture of tissues and cells, this is the category for submitting your best work.
    Source: FEI
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